Fungal meningitis an issue for southwest Georgia?

Doctor examines a patient. / Jessica Fairley

In the wake of a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak, folks in southwest Georgia want to know whether or not they should be concerned about the disease.

This is FOX 31's Tuesday Facebook story of the day.

Those with the Southwest Georgia Department of Health say there hasn't been any case of fungal meningitis reported in Georgia.

This particular outbreak of fungal meningitis is associated with a specific medication that was injected into patients.

The drug was used by people suffering from joint or spine issues.

Officials say although this form of fungal meningitis is not contagious, medical professionals should monitor patients.

"They're just asking physicians to ask their patients if they have any signs or symptoms or problems after getting injected, if they happen to receive some of this medication. To our knowledge none of the physicians in this area have received any of this medication," says Brenda Greene, Southwest Georgia Department of Health District Deputy Health Director.

The medication associated with the outbreak has since been recalled.

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