Funeral home rises from the ashes

A local funeral home is rebuilding, after a possible arson torched their chapel to the ground. / Matt Prichard

A local funeral home is rebuilding after their chapel burned down, in what they believe to be arson.

The M.L. King Memorial Chapel in Albany was burned to the ground nearly a month ago, sparking an investigation and the possibility of arson.

Fire officials are continuing their investigation, but owner Nathaniel Payne says they're already working to rise from the ashes.

"We're in the process now, we're going to start to rebuild. We're getting some permits pulled, drawings down and working on making the building a little different than before. Hopefully we can be back in it, by January or February, but for now it's just business as usual around here," said owner, Nathaniel Payne.

Payne says they have several suspects that could have been involved in the fire, and he's hopeful that someone will answer for the crime.

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