Funding still uncertain for Albany airport

There is $15.8 million in terminal improvement projects Aehle has planned / Ashley Knight

For many Federal Aviation Administration staff, Monday was their first day back on the job.

So what about the $15.8 million in terminal improvement projects with our local airport?

Director Yvette Aehle says she's not quite sure.

Aehle says the FAA is waiting to hear from Washington on the total amount they will give to airports like Albany's.

"They don't have any answers about where our FY '11 money is for this fiscal year, and if we're going to get any. So that really makes us all very scared because we could go the rest of this federal fiscal year until September 30th without any money," says Aehle.

Aehle already opened up the bids for the new terminal building and has until November to award it.