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      FTC's "Funeral Rule" protects against crooked funeral homes

      Under the funeral rule a funeral home must provide a list of general service prices.

      In the Facebook story of the day you wanted to know what the Federal Trade Commission TMs Funeral Rule is.Planning a funeral can be can by stressful so the F.T.C. implemented a set of rules to help make sure you TMre being treated fairly by the funeral home.One of the requirements is providing a general price list that lays out what the funeral home charges for their services."Funeral homes in the past in other cities, find out you have a $500,000 policy they might charge you a little more for embalming, charge you a little more for the casket or whatever," explains the Dougherty County Coroner, Michael Fowler.Failure to follow the Funeral Rule can result in hefty fine, up to $16,000 depending on the infraction.