Frontier Festival offers 'Daniel Boone era' experiences

Tanning a hide is one of the activities organizers are teaching visitors at the Frontier Festival

You've read about the old American frontier days in history books, but here's your chance to step into a "Daniel Boone era" world for yourself: The 19th Annual Frontier Festival is this weekend at Chehaw Parks.

Traders are selling their goods, blacksmiths showing their skill and everyone there is willing to teach about the ways of the old American frontier, circa early 1700s through 1840s. Visitors even have the chance to shoot a black powder rifle and see how to tan deer hide. Those camping out in teepees are more than willing to show visitors around inside and teach them about the old living quarters.

"It's history in a completely different set of eyes. When I was growing up I hated history; as an adult I love history because I found out so much really neat information and I still to this day wonder why didn't they teach us that when we were in school," says Ben Kirkland, Chehaw's Natural Resources Manager and a coordinator for the Frontier Festival.

There is no extra admission to the festival. Admission to the park is $2 for adults and $1 for kids and senior citizens. Festival coordinators say the event is for the entire family, young and old.