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      Front yard fishing a reality in Lee County

      If you've ever wished for a lake front property, the folks on Joe Toole Lane in Lee County would tell you to be careful what you wish for.One man who lives on the road says it's been covered in water for nearly two weeks now. He told us he literally has fish swimming in his front yard.While this may seem funny at first, he's worried it will lead to snakes and mosquitos and an overall health hazard. Beyond this, neighbors are worried their property value is decreasing.Ron Rabun, the Lee County Manager, said the county can't remove the water because they legally have no place to pump it. Rabun says unfortunately they'll just have to let nature take it's course.As far as the mosquitos, Rabun says when the county sprays they'll be paying extra attention to this area. He also made clear that despite the water over the road, if the people who live there need any kind of emergency or medical assistance, the county will be able to get to them.