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      From one business to another

      Gregory Hall recently moved his long-time hair cutting business, The Hair Doctor, from one side of town all the way to the other. Hall has been in his new location on Main Street in Tifton for about two weeks now and talked to FOX 31 Friday about some of the struggles he's facing.

      Hall said it's hard getting the word out about the new business and he's relying mostly on word of mouth. Luckily for him, he's in what he called a prime location. He said it's easy for people to ride down the street and see that he's there.

      FOX 31 also spoke to a long-time barber in Albany who has experienced the very same things Hall is now going through. Bob Prince has owned The Barbershop for almost two decades. It's only been in it's current location for four years though. Prince went through the same thing as Hall relying on word of mouth to let his customers know where he'd moved.

      Prince said his advice to Hall is to keep doing the job the best he can day in and day out, to be patient, and it'll pay off. Prince said one thing he wishes he had been told at the beginning of his career was to work harder and he's passing that advice along to others.

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