Friends of NRA take aim at youth gun safety

Clark says they make sure programs receiving money are teaching kids how to shoot in a safe manner / Ashley Knight

The local 'Friends of the National Rifle Association' met at the Hasan Temple Saturday evening.

They were holding a banquet to raise money for youth shooting and safety programs such as the Lee County High School Rifle team, the 4H Shotgun Team and the Boy Scouts.

Chairman Greg Clark says they profile the programs that get the money to make sure they're teaching the kids in a safe manner.

"We've got to make sure that whoever is running it is a safe teacher, that's why we're using the ROTC's the 4H's, the scouts, because that way we know the kids are getting quality instruction in how to be safe with a firearm, a bb gun, whatever they're learning with," says Clark.

The fundraiser is in its 20th year in Albany.

Albany was the first city in Georgia to start the fundraiser that now spreads throughout the state.

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