Fried Kool Aid now on sale in Albany

Fried Kool Aid Balls

The latest summer treat to sweep the nation is now in Southwest Georgia.

Chehaw has cooked up the tasty little treats and will offer them all summer long. You're probably wondering how to fry Kool-Aid. Chehaw Guest Services Supervisor Salinda Barber said it took a few batches to figure out the right mixture of ingredients, but they're happy with the new menu item. "We did some research on donut batter and found some recipes online. So we use flour, eggs, water, milk, sugar, and of course Kool Aid flavoring â" the kind with sugar" says Barber.

Staff, guests, and campers at Chehaw gave great reviews about the tasty treat! Now of course Chehaw isn't giving out the exact measurements of how to combine the ingredients, so if you want to try fried Kool Aid you can visit Chehaw this summer!