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      Fresh fruit for at-risk women and children

      The Colquitt County Health Department kicked off their W.I.C Farmer's Market this week.

      W.I.C stands for women, infants, and children and is a program to provide food, health care, and nutrition education to low income pregnant, breast feeding, and non-breast feeding post partum women and go infants and children up to age five who are classified as "at-risk."

      This farmers market provides women and children in that program with fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost.

      FOX 31 spoke to some of these women who said its important to them to give their children a healthy lifestyle. They said fresh fruit and vegetables are something they usually don't have access too so they're very appreciative of this opportunity.

      Each woman gets at least $30 in vouchers to spend on the fruits and vegetables. They also get the chance to sit in on a class with a registered dietician who teaches them how to pick out and preserve fresh foods.

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