Fresh face and fresh start for Dougherty County High School

As Dr. Ryan Gravitt prepares to take on the role as the new Dougherty County principal, he discussed his vision and future goals for the DHS teachers and students at a town hall meeting Saturday held at the East Albany Community Center.

/ Franklin White

One of their newest Dougherty County School members says he's ready to take on the challenge and make that process even smoother.

Next Monday Dr. Gravitt will assume the role as the new Dougherty High School Principal; a challenge he says he's definitely up for.

Saturday, in a packed town hall meeting, Dr. Gravitt was introduced to the public for the first time, even taking on tough questions from community members.

"I've yet to meet one person in the east side of the community or someone that was a graduate of Dougherty High that has not been behind me 100%," said Gravitt.

Gravitt says one of the first thing on the drawing board is doing everything he can to keep kids in school.

Dr. Gravitt adds "when we get our students in the classrooms it allows our administration our curriculum and instructional specialists and myself to be in those classrooms monitoring instruction and making sure our teachers are teaching the curriculum and engaging our students and that our students are learning."

An idea that follows the same guidelines as other school officials.

Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. David Mosely says, "to make sure our staff is performing up to their level all of those go into making a good school."

Dr. Mosely says a part of building up a new school is you have to have the trust of students and parents.

Dr. Mosely says Gravitt will be a big to the puzzle to continue rebuilding the Dougherty County School System.

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