Free lunch for all Crisp County Students

Children in Crisp County get free school lunch. / WFXL

Crisp County parents no longer have to worry about scraping up lunch money for their kids.

Starting this fall all students will be eligible for free lunch.

This means parents don't have to fill out an application at all.

Officials say kitchen staff will have more time to prepare meals since they don't have to collect funds and they'll also be relieved of keeping up with paperwork.

Under the Community Eligibility Option Program, the school system receives federal reimbursement for the meals that are served.

"This is a pilot, a four year pilot. If we cannot make our numbers work financially we could come off of it but we think we're going to be good on that," said Lisa Leggett, Crisp County School System Nutrition Director.

Crisp County schools will participate in the pilot for the next three years.

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