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      Free healthcare seminar for Americus

      Phoebe Sumter and Seed Co. hosted a free health care seminar in Americus Saturday afternoon.

      Residents would first see a presentation about the Affordable Care Act to learn about plans that are available. Then, residents would get more information from a navigator, a person there to help sign you up, and give you the amount of your co-pay.

      Bill Wrencher says, Health care is very complicated, insurance, is very complicated insurance is very complicated and a lot of people that are targeted by this law are folks that never really had insurance before.

      The minimum income for one person to sign up for the Affordable Care Act would be $11,490

      Wrencher said, The maximum amount is about $46,000, and for a family of four, the maximum amount is $94,000 which is substantial so I think some of the tax credits really go well into the middle class.

      This was the last health seminar in Southwest Georgia.

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