Free health fair hosted in Calhoun County

Calhoun County isn't very healthy. A study recently ranked it the unhealthiest county in the state of Georgia.

"High blood pressure is a big one, diabetes, we see obesity is huge. Calhoun County, the obesity rate is 33 percent, much higher than the state average," said Dr. Paula Walker.

But this weekend the county was at work trying to drop the embarrassing distinction, offering up a free health fair.

"We had blood pressure measurements, we had blood cholesterol screenings done, blood glucose measurements as well," said Dr. Walker.

But the whole fair wasn't organized by a hospital or the county health department, but by a student at Columbus State University, Shakendra Strafford.

"I am a native of Calhoun County and as a health science student I felt the urge to make a difference in the community. It's to inspire the residents of Calhoun County to be more physically fit and just know where their health status is," said Strafford.

More than 100 people showed up to get screenings and information.

"With childhood obesity the way it is today and heart disease, I thought what an opportunity to come out and see what's offered and we are trying to be healthier in my household and I was looking for information and opportunities," said Nan Stuart.

"Calhoun consistently is shown to be an underserved area and the participants were grateful because they basically admitted that they would not have had this preformed if it had not been free of charge," said Dr. Walker.

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