Free breast/cervical cancer webinar Thursday

Mammogram screening

Southwest Georgia isn't immune to the growing problem of women and cancer.

The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Samaritan Clinic will sponsor a Breast and Cervical Cancer Advocacy Webinar Thursday night at Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 6 p.m. Mt. Zion is located at 901 South Westover Boulevard.

Lisa Grace with the Samaritan Clinic says Southwest Georgia women need to be aware of the statistics. "In Dougherty County as African American women we're ranked as #1 & #2 in breast and cervical cancer" says Grace.

Dr. Peter Taylor with Phoebe Radiology says most physicians recommend women start getting mammograms at age 40 and get them done on a yearly basis. "If you've got an aggressive cancer if you wait two years between mammograms it may be too late to catch it before you know its untreatable" says Taylor.

Lisa Grace: We ask them to come out to support, to learn, to ask questions, to talk to elected officials, again all of this is about getting screening for women for whatever reason do not have the means or money to get these screenings.

Doctors say it's important to learn how to be supportive and an advocate if you know someone with breast or cervical cancer. Attendees at the webinar Thursday will have the opportunity to learn, ask question, talk with elected officials and physicians about breast and cervical cancer.

Click here for more information the Morehouse School of Medicine and the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

For more information on the webinar contact Lisa Grace at 229-888-7420 or

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