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      Fraud taints Food Stamp program

      For years, the federal food stamp program has dealt with the threat of fraud from various receipients. However, on Wednesday, the first step towards fighting these crimes was taken by President Obama who has made it his mission to cut waste within the federal budget.

      This form of fraud involves the individual selling their food stamps for cash. Commonly referred to as trafficking, offenders of this law could face disqualification from the program, fines, and in some cases, criminal prosecution.

      These new measures are expected to eliminate fraud and abuse from the food stamps program, by giving states the tools they need to focus in on excessive requests for replacement benefit cards. States can now require food stamp recipients to contact the state when they have had an excessive number of requests over a 12-month period.

      FOX 31 took to the streets to find out how people feel about the new food stamp rules. Bill Caldwell, an Albany resident, said "if there is an overabudance of people in the household, and you're limiting the amount that that household can get, then they might become desperate."

      However others, like Georget Elliott, felt differently, adding "I agree one hundred's a proven fact that their selling them."

      The Obama Administration and the USDA believe that these new rules will not only assist in the fight against food stamp fraud, but hopefully, eliminate it entirely.