FOX 31 spends a day in doggie luxury

Roxy is getting bows attached after a day at the spa. / Jessica Fairley

For many pet owners, dogs are not only man's best friend, they're a part of the family. They provide comfort, protection and entertainment.

What better way to say thank you, than to pamper them with a day at the spa?

"We just always try to make sure they feel comfortable and they're happy. It's just a joyful experience," said The Dog Spot Owner Liz Sechrist.

To experience her joy, Jessica took off the role of journalist and put on the occupation of dog groomer.

First chore of the day was getting the animals washed.

Each animal was washed with a shampoo fit for their skin and fur, whether it is treatment for dandruff or brighteners for their coat.

The doggies even got their teeth cleaned.

While some sat under the dryer, others were groomed. This included brushing and blow drying followed by a clean cut.

The occupation of dog groomer may seem like all fun, but all occupations come with downsides.

Dog groomers are often bitten and scratched. Then there's the task of doing things no one wants to do.

"Sometimes you have to do things like the anal gland which isn't always so fun. It's a nasty job but it's something the pets need to have done," said Liz Sechrist.

Anal glands are sacks under the rear of the animal filled with liquid fecal matter. Once filled with secretions, someone has to release the pressure. This is where a professional comes in.

After having their hair cut, animals then have their nails manicured. They are then accessorized and ready to go home.

"The biggest thing is when the owner picks them up and they're so happy about the way their dog looks," said Liz Sechrist.