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      Former Sheriff's Office worker faces a judge

      A former Dougherty County Sheriff's Office employee and murder suspect appeared in court Friday after he allegedly killed his girlfriend in November 2008.Police say 30-year-old Rashonda Dowell was stabbed to death by Robinson in a supermarket parking lot on East Oglethorpe Boulevard in front of multiple witnesses.Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says, "that's why the state is seeking the death penalty, its a case that merits consideration by a jury of the imposition of the death penalty."Inside the courtroom Defense Attorney H. Burton Baker presented the court with more than 100 preliminary motions for a specific reason.Baker says, "when a defendant's life is at stake the court needs to be particularly sensitive to assure that every safe guard is observed."The court only made it through 25 motions and the next court hearing for Robinson is scheduled for October 14th to go through the rest.

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