Former school superintendent speaks out about CRCT investigation

Dr. Whatley says the audit alone does not prove any cheating / File

Retired Dougherty County School Superintendent, Dr. Sally Whatley held a press conference Tuesday about the CRCT investigation.

"I absolutely do not believe that there was massive cheating in the Dougherty County School System," said Whatley.

Though she believes there was no widespread conspiracy to cheat, she says there may have been a few isolated cases. She adds, the CRCT audit report states you must have collateral additional information before accusing someone of unethical behavior

"The audit in isolation does not prove cheating."

Dougherty County sent a team up to Indianapolis to look at the tests in question and said 63% of the ones flagged came from tests taken by first and second graders.

"It's not a high-stakes test. Questions are read to the children by the teachers."

She says it just doesn't make sense that a teacher would go through all the trouble it would take to cheat.

"For every test section there are 15 different forms per section. That would have to be an elaborate scheme for somebody to cheat."

Some of the students whose tests were flagged ended up failing. In other cases, the scores were actually lower than the scores of the year before. But Dr. Whatley says if anything is found, she takes responsibility.

"Ultimately I was responsible for the system. It certainly doesn't fall on Dr. Murfree. I just want there to be closure and for us to move on.

Dr. Whatley says she will cooperate fully with state investigators to get that closure.