Former Dougherty County superintendent roasted

Culbreath says he was willing to be roasted to support an "economic engine" such as Albany Tech / Sarah Bleau

A former Dougherty County school superintendent was roasted Friday night at Albany Technical College.

Dr. John Culbreath was in the hot seat to help raise money for the Albany Technical College Foundation. He says someone told him you have to be half crazy to subject yourself to a roast and Culbreath says he's more than qualified.

"I've been marinating all day long so I think I'm up for it. I'm just prepared for anything I have my seatbelt on, shoulder harness, my tray's in the upright position and I expect a little turbulence," said Culbreath before the roast.

Culbreath says he didn't mind being roasted to help a cause serving an economic engine like Albany Tech.

Money from the roast and silent auction event funds college programs and activities.

During his career, Culbreath has been a teacher, an assistant principal and an assistant and associate superintendent. He retired in June 2001 after serving for six years as the superintendent of the Dougherty County School System.