Former APD officer accused of child molestation granted bond

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

Bond has been granted for a former Albany Police Department officer accused of child molestation.

Vincent Wadley's bail has been set for $7,500 says Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

This comes on the heels of a similar case decided by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Local officials say the state case addressed issues relating to Vincent Wadley's trial and out of fairness a Superior Court judge decided to grant him bail.

Wadley's case is currently in the court of appeals, but Dougherty County's district attorney says the state is ready for a trial.

"We believe the evidence will be the same in terms of whatever ruling the court of appeals have in this particular case. So the state is prepared to go forward with the trial," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards

Once the appeals process is over, the case will go to the Superior Court.

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