"Forgotten" Vets honored at chuch service

A packed congregation came out to honor veterans of the Vietnam and Korean wars.

It was a hard time finding a seat Sunday at First Free Will Baptist Church. A packed congregation came out to honor war veterans.

"The thought occurred to me to, there are a couple of generations that have never been honored. The forgotten generation. So we decided to do something for those who were Korea and Vietnam who served during that era," said church pastor Billy Hanna.

The entire service dedicated to the vets. It started with singing, then a video and an honorary pinning of medals for each and every veteran in attendance. About 100 veterans in all.

"It was great, this was one of the best receptions I have seen in a long time," said Korean War veteran Sgt, William Cecil.

The soldiers in the Vietnam and Korean wars are often called what's part of the forgotten generation. But the veterans who were in attendance Sunday said they felt respectfully remembered.

"I could see the appreciation in everyone of the veterans faces that somebody was recognizing him," said Gen. Emmett Bowers, who spent 33 years in service.

It's a recognition that is long overdue, because for many who came home after those wars, they weren't exactly greeted with a hero's welcome.

"They called it a police action and all kinds of things. But to me it was a war. People died. Anytime people die it's a war," said Cecil.

But Sunday was a start.

"It isn't forgotten by me and all the people that participated in it and our families and obviously this group here has made sure it is not forgotten," said Bowers.