Foreign consuls tour Georgia small town treasures

Albany leaders greet foreign representatives at the Flint Riverquarium. / Jessica Fairley

Dignitaries representing countries from around the world took a tour though southwest Georgia and made a stop in Albany.

More than two dozen consuls and trade officials from 23 countries took a trip to Albany's Flint Riverquarium.

Local leaders greeted the dignitaries as they made their way into the venue.

The annual trip exposes Georgia's consular corps to regions outside of the metro Atlanta area.

"For a lot of people who work in consulates these days, they're meeting companies from their home country who are coming to the region and they want to know where are good places to do business and a visit like this gives us an opportunity to go back and say well I was in southwest Georgia recently," said Paul Gleeson, Consul General for Ireland, "They've got some really interesting stuff going on. It looks like a good place to do business."

The group also toured Americus, Plains, Adel and Lakeland Georgia.