For new senior center, they need citizens to pass SPLOST VI

If SPLOST VI passes on Nov. 2nd, the senior center in Albany will move from 311 Pine Ave. to the former Byne Baptist complex

Senior citizens are eager about a new senior center with more space. But if SPLOST isn't renewed on November 2nd, there will be no new center.

Officials with Citizens for Common Cents gathered at the SOWEGA Council on Aging Center downtown to rally support for SPLOST VI. Out of the $98 million SPLOST VI will generate, $3 million is being allotted to renovate the former Byne Baptist complex and make it the new senior center.

Demonstrating with a penny, BJ Fletcher with Citizens for Common Cents says if we support the project we will get ahead of the game.

"This is tails â" if we don't support this project we're going to be trailing. Albany is better than that," says Fletcher.

Many advocates say the current senior center is not even close to par with the other senior centers in Southwest Georgia.

"We need for them to be able to be in a place that will give them space, that's not cramped and that they can have a situation where they can feel they are wanted, that somebody really cares for them," says T. Marshall Jones, also with Citizens for Common Cents.

The new senior center at the Byne Baptist complex will allow for more space for classrooms and recreational areas. Kay Hind, Executive Director of the SOWEGA Council on Aging, says the extra space would allow for a more comfortable gathering place for the growing older community.

"We've never had a visible place that showed how we feel about our older people. We have a lot of them and we're getting more of them every day," says Hind.

SPLOST VI will not add additional taxation to the current penny tax. For a breakdown of the projects and budget, visit the following website. From there, click on "WHERE DO MY SPLOST DOLLARS GO?"

For more information on Citizens for Common Cents, contact them by phone at 229-669-3936 or by email at The group is also on Facebook.

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