Food stamp recipients facing soda ban?

Fanta soda sold at a convenience story. / Jessica Fairley

In Thursday 's FOX 31 Facebook story of the day people wanted to know if southwest Georgians think food stamp recipients should be banned from buying soda.

A New York judge recently invalidated a plan to ban sugary drinks from restaurants.

Although the plan was denied, some medical professionals say the soda ban was a good idea.

Currently food stamp recipients are allowed to purchase soft drinks.

Although some people say those on public assistance should spend the funds buying healthier food items, one southwest Georgia woman says the government shouldn't limit the food selection.

"It's still considered a food item just like other snacks like fruit. If that's their decision to eat it, I don't see where it should be a difference just because they're on public assistance," said Nzinga Williams, Albany Resident.

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