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      Food and safety in the wild

      Feeding the alligators is an annual summer tradition at Chehaw.

      Ben Roberts says that it "gives people the chance to interact with alligators. They are able to feed alligators in a safe matter in a way that isn't gonna cause problems in the long run."

      Each weekend forty pounds of food are given to the alligators. All you have to do is buy a cup for five dollars and re-use it all season long.

      Alligator feeding at Chehaw is controlled and part of their training. Feeding wild animals is not.

      Roberts also says that "when you start feeding wildlife, they start associating people with food and then all sorts of bad things happen."

      With Spring approaching and the temperatures warming up, more wild animals will be present.

      Don't feed them; don't mess with them. It is safer for them and you.

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