Folks spend big bucks for spooks

Parents shell out big money for their kids to take part in Halloween tricks and treats. / Matt Prichard

Ghosts, mummies, bats, and skeletons. All staples of the Halloween holiday. But for local businesses, pumpkins and costumes are what turn screams into cash.

"October is by far our busiest month, it's something we worked on hard over the years. We just make it family friendly, have big weekends, and lots of school hay rides, and just a lot of fall fun," said Mark Daniel, owner of Mark's Melon Patch.

But folks say all these Halloween "trick or treats" can add up.

"I think it can be expensive, ya know we've done costumes at different places that were, like we ordered by daughters costume from Disney this year, and that was a little more expensive," said Albany resident, Michael Mulforde.

"Halloween can be a very expensive holiday, depending on how elaborate you want to be with your costume, or how much decorating you do," said Albany resident, Cindy Summerlie.

But although profits may be up for local businesses, do local moms think it's worth the money?

"It's a fun holiday, I know sometimes when you get ghosts and goblins in there people start to question should we or shouldn't we, but it's a fun kids holiday," said Cindy Summerlie.

"Halloween when we were growing up wasn't this expensive, it is expensive, we like to spend money on our costumes, but our children do enjoy it and we have a good time," said Albany resident, Hedi Ellion.

The results seem to show, for one night of pretend, the price doesn't make a difference.