Folks can breathe easy about Heritage House demolition

The demolition process on the Heritage House Hotel began Tuesday / Ashley Knight

After years of harboring prostitutes and drug dealers, the abandoned Heritage House Hotel is finally coming down.

But many are worried about about another resident--asbestos.

The project manager tells us there is a thorough abatement process that must be followed.

This includes putting up plastic tarps to make the structure air tight and then using negative pressure vacuums to absorb the asbestos.

As it's removed, for extra safety purposes, they douse everything with water to make sure nothing becomes airborne.

"Not only do you have to worry about the public, but the people inside, they have to be totally covered, have the right respirators and that's another reason to do the water, to keep it down so it eliminates the dust for them to operate and work in," says Project Manager Joe Tondera.

They even have to have an agent from the Environmental Protection Agency give their approval before demo begins.