Florists hustle to make Valentine's Day deadline

Benny Porter delivers Valentine's Day gifts to unsuspecting recipients. / Jessica Fairley

Florists at 'The Flower Basket' spent the day on the go, delivering valentines to some very special folks.

The flowers were packed up and sent on their way to make the day of an unsuspecting recipient.

"When it's their first time, they really think that's a big deal," said Benny Porter, Owner of The Flower Basket.

On Valentine's Day, the store doubles its staff to make sure each balloon, card, candy, and flower is delivered in time. But the day for lover's can be a day of chaos for runners who have to make 40 stops in one day.

But while they're on the go, they he say the smiles make the trip worth it.

"Most of the people that receive the flowers are really happy and then we have a few that think are you sure they're for me," said Tibbie Watson, Business Manager of The Flower Basket.

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