Florida Gov. wants shift in college program funding

One Albany State student says he understands where the Fl. Gov. is coming from but sympathizes with students / Sarah Bleau

The governor of Florida says college programs that go on to help the state's economy should get more money than those he says don't â" and that's our Facebook Story of the Day.

According to an article in the Herald-Tribune, Florida Governor Rick Scott is working to shift funding to degrees that have the best job prospects, such as those in technology, science and engineering; programs such as psychology and anthropology would receive less funding.

"You can understand where he's coming from, that he's trying to boost other stuff that's actually making money in the economy and can actually help out, but at the same time it's giving some of the people who actually want to major in psychology, sociology, who feel like they can help people and now their programs are being cut and lessened," says Brandon Nelson, Sophomore Health and Physical Education Major at Albany State University.

Freshman Nursing Major at ASU Amber Lamar says students have passions for the careers they want to follow, and taking the funding away from the program they want to join is discouraging.

"If people have dreams, when people take fundings away from it, it kind of shuts down their dreams and they probably want to know what's the next step for them to take," she says.

Scott says if he's going to take citizen's money and put it toward education, then he wants that money to help create jobs.

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