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      Florida couple reaches out to Worth Co. officials just to say ~thanks TM

      Elijah and Joy Henderson were involved in a four-vehicle wreck last Friday at the intersection of Franklin St. and Highway 82 in Sylvester.The Hendersons said they were sitting at a light when a vehicle in front of them crashed into another vehicle and overturned on its passenger side. The driver of the overturned vehicle had to be extricated by Worth County Fire and Rescue and was then transported to Phoebe Worth.Multiple departments responded to the accident due to the large number of people and vehicles involved. These departments included the Worth County Fire Department, Worth County Fire and Rescue, Sylvester Fire Department, Worth County EMS, Worth County Police Department and Phoebe Worth personnel.Elijah Henderson said he and his wife were so surprised by the support of all these officials, and they were shocked at how much these people truly cared about how they were doing in the days after the accident. Henderson said even Animal Control came to check on their dogs who were also in the car during the accident.The Henderson TMs were so grateful that they felt the need to reach out to these officials and thank them for everything they did during and after the accident.FOX 31 spoke to officials from the Sylvester Fire Department who said it TMs rare that people actually come back and make an effort to thank them, but it means more than anyone can imagine when it does happen. Captain Drew Cox said just those two words, thank you, are enough to keep the whole department motivated.

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