Flood concerns prompt Sylvester officials to action

Sylvester city council members discus agenda items. / Jessica Fairley

As Sylvester leaders come to the end of one project, they're using Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds to start another.

Last week southwest Georgia was soaked with heavy rains. Officials say more than 9 inches fell in Sylvester within two days. To prevent heavy floods, city leaders are making it a priority to address storm water issues.

"What we'll have to do is go through a bid process. So it's probably going to be a few months before we go through the bid process and award the contractor," said Bill Yearta, Mayor of Sylvester.

He says most of the work will be conducted in district one where there was a severe flood in 2004.

The city obtained a grant to buy out some of the properties that were flooded, so officials say not as many people would be affected if that area were to severely flood again.

In addition to SPLOST funds, grants will be used to complete the storm water projects.

As Sylvester officials prepare to upgrade the city's storm water infrastructure in district one, the councilman for district two says he's grateful for the recent completion of much needed sidewalk repairs.

"We have people in the area that have these mobile wheelchairs and that's their mode of transportation. So they are able to get where they need to go and it was just a good project," said Randy Hill, Sylvester Councilman for District II.