Flint River ranks second on endangered list

The Flint River is ranked as one of the top ten most endangered rivers in the U.S.

The rankings were discussed by the Flint Riverkeepers during a meeting in Albany on Tuesday night. They say the Flint River comes in at number two. The reason behind this ranking is a proposal to dam the Flint River to help the northern parts of the state. The Flint Riverkeepers say a dam would waste taxpayer dollars, destroy fishing and would not solve Georgia's water needs.

"The good thing is that citizens across our state now know that it's an endangered river. They now know that dams don't make good financial sense and that water conservation, a few dollars investment in water conservation can provide all the water that this state metro Atlanta needs," said Flint Riverkeeper Paul Deloach.

The Flint Riverkeepers plan to begin a massive educational campaign to help save the river