Fletcher, Hubbard compete in runoff for Albany Mayor

Get ready to vote again in the Albany Mayoral race.

Entrepreneur B.J. Fletcher received 40 percent of the vote and former city commissioner Dorothy Hubbard received 36 of the vote, which initiates a runoff.

Both candidates plan to hit the campaign trail running and are confident of a win.

"You know I feel good about it. I would have liked to have taken it the first time around but I'm absolutely used to working overtime, so overtime it is and bring it on," says Fletcher.

"I am still running, I'm running, I am really excited about being able to continue running. what we have to do now is get started immediately getting our message out," says Hubbard.

The runoff is set to be Dec. 6. In order for a candidate to win, she will have to receive 50 percent of the vote plus one.

Regardless of who wins, Albany will break a barrier by electing the first woman to serve as mayor.

Career politician John White received 24 percent during Tuesday's election.