Fletcher feels a fee is fine

An Albany city commissioner is voicing her opinion on ways to improve the downtown area.

Commissioner B.J. Fletcher says there are 28 properties downtown that are trying to be rented out to businesses. Fletcher says several of those buildings aren't rentable because they are not suitable to move into.

She says many of those buildings are along Front Street, the area she says is the key to downtown development. She says taxpayers are doing their part so landlords should start doing their part and if they don't, they should have to pay some sort of fee.

"I'm just proposing for the landlords to get on board with putting their properties up," Fletcher said. "You either need to fix your properties or you need to seal them up and close them up very nicely so when people drive through your town, they don't see abandoned buildings."

Fletcher says this is something she will continue to push for.

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