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      Fletcher and Coleman ready to hit the ground running

      When asked if they foresee any challenges both Fletcher and Coleman said they arenâ??t worried about much theyâ??re just ready to hit the ground running.

      In less than two weeks, the Albany City Commission will have two new members representing Ward II and Ward III.

      Both Bobby Coleman and BJ Fletcher who will soon be taking their seats on the commission said first and foremost they want to see a change in this community.

      BJ Fletcher said, I just love Albany. I was born here, I love seniors and we have a lot of those in this community, and we TMve got a lot of good people and we TMve got to change our image a little bit.

      Bobby Coleman told FOX 31, I grew up in Albany and I TMve seen the neglect. I TMve seen certain areas of the city grow and other areas at a standstill so I think me and the people of the ward can make everybody be reflected in the city TMs agenda.

      For Coleman the first thing he plans on working on is creating jobs, My goal while I TMm on the commission is to see the progression of Albany, to see Albany turn the corner on industry and attract jobs. And for Fletcher she says, I TMve been doing my homework on the issues and the first thing I want to do is neighborhood watches. I TMve learned from the best of them and we TMre scattered out in my ward and I TMm setting up my website so they TMll know exactly when the neighborhood watches are taking place.

      When asked if they foresee any challenges, both Fletcher and Coleman said they aren TMt worried about much they TMre just ready to hit the ground running. Both get sworn in on January 13th at 6:30 p.m.