Flea market vendors protest high county fees

Vendors will not have to pay the regulatory fees if their transactions go through the main register / Ashley Knight

The owner of the Sasser Flea Market and several vendors were at the Terrell County commission meeting Wednesday, protesting what they called outrageous regulatory fees.

Last month the commission required all vendors pay a $100 regulatory fee.

Demaris Perry has a booth in the Sasser Flea Market and says the fee is just too high for most vendors.

"The way we have booths at the Sasser Flea Market, it's mostly a hobby, it's not really making a living. I'm retired and like I said it's my hobby and I enjoy it."

The commission moved to lower the fee to $50, and if the vendor's transactions go through the main register then they don't have to pay the fee at all.

Perry says Bleeker Street and Livey's in Lee County both do not require regulatory fees of their vendors.