Five men arrested in Coffee Co. murders

Coffee County trio arrested for murder. / Sarah Bleau

Even neighbors say the murder of three people in Coffee County in one week is uncommon for the area.

"It's kind of shocking. It was for us. We all came together the last seven days all three departments," says Coffee County Sheriff Jerry Pope.

The three departments â" the Douglas Police Department, the Coffee County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation â" collaborated on recent arrests made in the murder cases.

They arrested Shieme Kewan Brockington, 18, and Keigan Antonio Jones, 17, in connection with the shooting death of Natosha Stiles, 20, and Angela Ortega, 24.

The GBI says warrants against Brockington included two counts of malice murder, two counts of kidnapping, one count of arson first degree and one count of motor vehicle hijacking; he was taken into custody on a probation warrant on Feb. 17. Jones was also arrested on this date and is charged with one count of theft by receiving stolen property and one count of arson.

On Feb. 11 at 3:30 p.m., GBI says Stiles and Ortega's bodies were found discarded at a pond on Rexford Batten Road. At 5:30 that morning Douglas police responded to a vehicle fire at East Bryan Circle; the vehicle belonged to Ortega. Ortega and Stiles had been missing since the prior evening, according to GBI.

The Douglas Police Department announced on Tuesday that Jacob Cornett, Brandon Cole Williams and Michael Berrian are in jail for the shooting death of Marcus Collins, 38. DPD says specific charges for each individual will be released at a later time.

The three law enforcement agencies say with all of the leads they had, collaboration wasn't an option: It was necessary.

"All three agencies working basically 24 hours a day there's approximately 20 to 25 investigators from all three agencies assigned to these murders," says DPD Chief Gary Casteloes.

GBI says the three agencies worked out of a common area, sharing information and teaming up with investigators for interviews.

"You had the second murder within days of the double homicide: It will overwhelm one department. Our office couldn't handle it alone, I don't think the Sheriff's Office could handle it alone, the Douglas Police Department couldn't handle it alone because you're just overwhelmed," says Mansfield, GBI Special Agent in Charge.

The law enforcement agencies say more arrests could come in connection with both murder cases.

Anyone with information on these cases are urged to call the Douglas Police Department Tips Line at (912) 260-3600.
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