Five gunmen rob Moultrie grocery store

Winn Dixie in Moultrie

Five gunmen robbed the Winn Dixie in Moultrie Friday morning. It all happened when managers were about to start their work day. Police say the robbery happened at about 6 A-M when managers were unlocking the doors.

Moultrie Police Investigator Sgt. Brian Newvine says it only took about 5 minutes for the gunmen to get in, take what they wanted, and leave. "Five black males forced their way into the store" says Newvine. "All of them were armed with handguns, forced them to open the safe in the office, took just the paper money cash from the safe and then left the store."

Officials say the men managed to get away with about $1500. Anyone with information on the robbery should contact the Moultrie Police at 229-890-5500.

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