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      Fitzgerald festival attracts people from around the world

      Hundreds of people from all over the world traveled to Paulk Park in Fitzgerald over the weekend for the 11th Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration Boogie.

      Jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet? Some enjoy the thrill while others would rather watch the excitement from below.

      John Foster told FOX 31 that he had the time of his life and had a hard time putting his experience in to words.

      Daniel Pelham says his first time sky diving was amazing.

      Whether a person comes to sky dive for the first time or are a veteran to the sport, some of the weekend's sky divers jumped out of the plane for a purpose. is a charity where sky divers can purchase the bravest teddy bears in the world.

      Robby Robb tells FOX 31 that "the sky diver receives a bear, straps the bear to themself and takes it on a sky dive to assist on the jump because it can be a very frightening procedure. These bravest teddy bears then go to children who are in various hospitals around the country to maintain their bravery during the treatments or all kinds of unpleasant things that can happen in a hospital."

      The organization sends the bears anywhere.

      Foster adds that he recommends that everyone should sky dive; "It's not scary like it seems it would be and it's an incredible thrill; it's awesome."

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