Fireworks show headed back to downtown Albany

Fireworks sold in Albany.

Albany's Fourth of July fireworks show may be back in the downtown area in 2014.

In Tuesday's work session, commissioners voted to set aside a $25,000 line item in next year TMs budget for firework festivities.

The celebration may come back to downtown because of complaints from the community. Officials say people have complained that the location of the 2013 fireworks show is too far away from the central portion of the city.

If a final vote approves the budget item, city officials plan to use the ~First Tee of Albany TM golf course behind the Albany Civic Center to control the crowd. However before this can be done, they have to address the safety hazards of a holding pond that is on that land.

We need to figure out how do we address that for safety issues, whether it be putting a fence around the holding pond or fixing the drainage so that it drains another way, said Albany Commissioner Chris Pike, It's something that's not going to cost a lot of money and definitely should be done before 4th of July of next year.

The city will also consider a joint Independence Day celebration with the Marine Corps Logistics Base next year.

Tuesday's vote will go before the Albany Board of Commissioners for an official vote at the end of the month.

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