Fireworks fuss caught on camera

Downtown commotion halts 4th of July fireworks show. / Still Image from City Camera

Albany's City Manager's Office has released a copy of the surveillance footage which captures images of the commotion which halted the fireworks show on the 4th of July.

In the video police are seen riding up the street towards a large crowd of people.

James Taylor, Albany's City Manager, has also released a statement regarding the events on Wednesday night.

"We learned that we must control the crowd, restrict people to specific areas, rather than have people roaming all over downtown," said Taylor.

In the memo, he suggested the city resize the event area so that officials can effectively manage and protect their citizens.

It's also been mentioned that parents will no longer be allowed to drop off their kids at the event and leave. They will have to stay with them throughout the show.

"Kids need parental control. They need their parents to be responsible for them. So I don't think it's a bad think," says Jason Warren, Owner of Our Daily Bread.

Business owners in the area are concerned about the image the commotion paints for the downtown area.

Some of those who have shops downtown say they agree with the city's decision to alter their 4th of July protocol.

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