Fireworks can be dangerous to your wallet

Illegal fireworks can carry a $1000 fine, / FOX 31

We're sure to be seeing a lot of fireworks over the Fourth of July Holiday, but before you light up the sky with a display of your own there are a few things you should know.

While sparklers and non-explosive fireworks are legal in the state of Georgia, firecrackers and anything that is projected into the sky are not.

The use of these prohibited types of fireworks can carry with it a maximum $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

Most fireworks that are being sold in Georgia are legal says Ronald Smith, one of the organizers to the Westover High School Band firework sale, "Georgia doesn't have the privilege to sell some of the things that Alabama and Florida sells, so they'll go over there and purchase them and bring them back which is illegal. You need to purchase what we have here so you don't break any laws or guidelines for the state of Georgia."

If you choose to light fireworks please remember to do so with caution.