Firework sales lighting up this year

One vendor says people are buying a variety of fireworks and not one specific kind

Fourth of July is just around the corner so are people sparking interest in fireworks this year?

According to one tent that is selling fireworks to help support Darton College's Swim Team, firework sales are lighting up! Heath Gilbert, a volunteer helping to sell fireworks, says he sees an increase in sales compared to this time last year. He says closer to July 4, people spent $400 at one time on fireworks last year; he says he expects the same this year because the economic condition seems to have stabilized.

Their tent has already sold out of the dollar carousel fireworks. But Gilbert say people aren't after any one particular firework.

"They've actually been going after kind of a mix of everything: Sparklers, Novelty Items, some of the bigger bang items. Just kind of depending on if they're buying for younger children or if they're buying for older children or even bigger kids like myself," says Gilbert.

The Darton College Swim Team is selling a variety package of fireworks called "The Big Bang" for $600. Whoever purchases it gets $400 worth of fireworks for free.

Darton's firework tent is located on Ledo Road next to Chili's and near Wal-Mart. A volunteer is there throughout the day and night.