Firehouse subs saving lives in schools

Defibrillators going into Dougherty County elementary schools. / Jessica Fairley

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's Network of Trust has partnered with Firehouse Subs to bring life-saving tools into local schools.

Every elementary school in Dougherty County is set to receive a defibrillator.

School officials say teachers and students will be trained on how to use the devices.

Albany's Firehouse Subs owner says this donation brings him a sense of relief concerning the safety of his family and others.

"Knowing that this kind of equipment is being provided in elementary schools to save lives, you never know when it's going to be somebody that's close to you or that will affect you, so it's a great feeling knowing that we're helping save lives," said Bill Collins, Firehouse Subs Restaurant Owner.

More than $25,000 worth of equipment will be donated by the company.

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