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      Firefighters learn how to better save our lives

      The brave men and women who help us in times of need are learning some of the latest technology on the market to better protect and serve.

      Learn to learn, that was the motto has firefighters from around the state came together to learn brand new techniques to better save our lives.

      Officials say having this opportunity to see, touch, and experience the new equipment is two fold because it not only helps us, but them as well .

      Albany Fire Chief James Carswell says when it comes to being a firefighter, you never know what tomorrow might bring.

      Carswell says, "twenty years ago we didn't worry about terrorists attacks. Fire services was a fire suppression oriented department now we have to worry about natural disasters terrorist attacks all those things hazmats fall back into the fire service, and we've had to adjust as our society has changed."

      The firefighters were able to see all the new technology at a conference held in Albany.

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