Firefighters fight flames in Sparks

Officials on the scene confirm with FOX 31 that the fire was started in the kitchen and spread throughout the house.

UPDATED (2/9/14):

FOX 31 spoke with the homeowner, Fred Fletcher, on Sunday about fire.

Fletcher says that he was watching television when he heard a strange sound and noticed that the room was getting hazy. He went to investigate and saw flames shooting into the ceiling above his oven.

Multiple firefighters responded to the call around 7:00 PM and battled the flames until 11:00 PM.

Pine Valley Fire Chief Timmy Guthrie tells FOX 31 that when his group arrived at the house, it was engulfed in flames. Guthrie and his department set up equipment and fed water until the flames were extinguished.

Guthrie says that the biggest issue at this fire was traffic control. He sends a special thank you to the Cook County Sheriff's Department who kept two deputies on scene for the duration of the fire to help with traffic; "without them, we'd have a mess".

He adds that the firefighters did "a great job. It was nice to see teamwork among all the different departments working the fire".

Fletcher adds that he is lucky he's got a lot of friends, expically at a time like this.

Firefighers say that the fire started in the kitchen but the cause is still under investigation.


The Chaserville/Massee Fire Department, Sparks Fire Department, Pine Valley Fire Department, Cook County Rescue, Cook County Sheriff's Department and EMS responded to a residential fire in the 500 block of White Road around 6:30 PM Saturday evening.

Officials on the scene confirm with FOX 31 that the fire was started in the kitchen and spread, engulfing the house in flames.

As of 7:45 PM, firefighters are still on scene and fighting aggressive flames that have spread to the attic.

An older gentleman was home at the time of the fire and got out safely without injuries.

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