Firefighter's conference could be headed to Albany

Liz Gray of the Convention and Visitors Bureau discussing the conference. / Allen Carter

The city is working to bring a major firefighter's conference to Albany. We're a candidate to host the joint firefighters and fire chiefs' conference in 2013.

That means more than 400 fire officials from across the state will be visiting the "Good Life" city for a whole week.

"It makes a large economic impact for a conference to come here. They stay in our hotels, they eat in our restaurants, they shop in our stores and it just makes a big impact and that's what the Convention and Visitor's Bureau is here to do. To have people stay in our hotels and visit Albany and see what our city has to offer," said Liz Gray of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Right now the fire department and city officials are working with hotels to make sure the city can accommodate the guests.