Firefighters battle backyard fire

Lee County fire fighters were busy Tuesday afternoon extinguishing a fire on 115 Broadleaf Drive.

Fire officials found nearly one-third of an acre on fire. The wind helped spread the fire which lead to a backyard shed being destroyed on Water Oak.

No one was injured in the fire. A neighbor told fire officials she saw some teenagers smoking in the woods where the fire happened. Captain Kelly Harcrow says teens smoking in the woods is a growing problem. "Now that school is out we have a problem with teens sneaking into the woods and smoking. There is a good possibility that could have been the cause of this fire, however we haven't determined the exact cause yet. Any open flame outside right now â" as dry as it is, and with windy conditions like we have will take off and spread like wildfire" says Harcrow.

Fire officials warn everyone not to burn anything right now because of the dry weather conditions.