Fire victim's sister shares last moments

The victim's sister Louise Shaw. / Jessica Fairley

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is gathering information on a Saturday night fire that has claimed the life of a Lee County couple.

Garry George, 47, and his girlfriend, Donna Bailey, was living inside a home on Highway 377 in the northern part of the county.

Before the fatal accident, the pair had spent the day with family.

FOX 31 talked with a close relative about the couple's final hours.

Spelled out on the front of Louise Shaw's home is the name Jesus. It's a moniker that the woman had just begun to hear her brother acknowledge as his savior.

"He was going to church. You didn't have to say come on lets go to church," said Louise Shaw, the victim's sister.

In the months leading up to Garry George and Donna Bailey's death, the two had begun to make amends with their past and change their life.

Saturday evening George and his girlfriend sat down to dinner with his sister.

"His face was just lit up yesterday. It's something that I can't explain. He was happy. He was just a happy man. He was happy more than I ever saw him," said Louise Shaw.

But family members say this day was different. The 47-year-old made it a point to call all of his children and leaved them with the message of 'I love you.'

"After that, he said I'll see you later and I said okay. And after that he got in the car and went on," said Shaw.

It was last time she would see her baby brother alive.

Mrs.. Shaw says officials found her brother just three feet away from the front door. Not only was he trying to save his life, but he was also trying to save his girlfriend. The two died in each other's arms.

"They got their lives together before they left and that's what we're pleased with and that was a blessing," said Stephanie West, the niece of Garry George.